Powerful environments create authentic people. At home within ourselves, in our own homes, at work, in nature, and anywhere in the world, no matter where we are.




Our real

Today’s Complex Society and hyperlinked world creates a new need and desire for the pure and simple. Without sacrificing the achievements of modern times, we leaders strive to complete our own “cocoon”.

We want spaces that vibe like us. We want our leadership and living space to reflect our dreams and desires. 

We don’t want to become commercially and aesthetically seduced continually in our life. Instead, we wish to achieve mental transformation, healing, and well-being of the body and soul leading to unity and harmony whether it be in the work place or at home. 

We may better ourselves in the eternal struggle for our own Self worth and safety. We want to be self-confident and grounded in the chaos.



For thousands of years this knowledge of Chi and the art of Feng Shui has been taught in India and Tibet from where originated the roots of Asian interpretations. Feng shui contains the philosophy of eastern culture and quantum physics. It is not a religion and uses the laws of nature as its foundation. In fact every holistic culture has its own approach and interpretation of nature and life itself.

Throughout history Feng Shui’s laws and interaction between nature and man were only handed down from the Feng Shui master to his disciples and its use was exclusive. Fortunately nowadays these wonderful techniques are available to those who seek for more.


Feng Shui Vision by Durga.

My approach: Feng Shui has been know for centuries. I have learned with real masters and Your consultant: My passion is diving into the lost knowledge of this ancient law and bringing up a new interpretation in harmony with today’s taste and culture.

With my book “The Nine Master Schools of Feng Shui” I intended to change the view and perspective of Feng Shui.

Kristin Engvig
Founder and director of W.I.N., a global leadership forum in Norway:

„Durga Holzhauser has been conducting Feng Shui at W.I.N. conferences for a few years now. Her methods just always work. She is world class in her field and manages to cleanse the energies of the conference center, hotel room or workplace and let new, positive energy flow. If there are 700 to 800 people in a room, all with different backgrounds and different energies, we feel the result of Durga’s work.“

The invisible space.

One should not underestimate the imperative imprint of environmental energies on our life. Either they open a miraculous door or block the whole realisation of our visions.

We often underestimate the power of unseen, and mainly undetected, forces and energies around us. In essence, it is the very life force that drives us and influences everyone and everything on the planet.

Chi is the universal energy of life, an ocean in which human beings and their environment enter into the interplay of relationship patterns. Like the Chi energy found in the human body, the air also possesses Chi energy and influences our minds and our emotions.

Quantum physics, chaos research and information technology prove today what the wise people of ancient times had always known: all our perceptions in the end are based on radiance Chi and everything is connected with all in a complex network of relations.

The art of Feng Shui consists in detecting the omnipresent Chi and making it accessible in our everyday lives to achieve maximum harmony between ourselves and the flow of Chi. A room filled with Chi is a cornucopia of life from which we can benefit. 

Individuals, who are filled or energized with Chi, give out positive vibrations that open up new opportunities and perspectives.

Flow of Chi.

In nature Chi flows freely in naturally tranquil streams, vitalizing and invigorating all things, from the highest mountain to the deepest ocean.

But Chi can be unconsciously obstructed by modern construction styles. Consequently, lack of energy flow breeds imbalance. If not well integrated or respected, it may be blocked and stop in front of our house.

In this second picture a healthy Chi flow is shown after Feng Shui has been practiced here to improve the living environment.

Law of resonances.

In dense cities, overlapping positive and negative energies create tension in our city life. The art of Feng Shui throughout the centuries has been to re-channel Chi energy thus improve living and working environments.

The cumulation of each individuals’ personal resonance added to the already overcharged city atmosphere does not help us in decision making, well-being or our inner peace, and can lead to unnecessary difficulty in our work or personal relationships, maybe even to burnout.

The tension is shown here in this space, e.g. a city centre coffee shop. The unseen tension results in a “bad atmosphere”. Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a bar or restaurant or any place even though the deco and style are as you like it? Did you leave without real reason?

Good Feng Shui practiced in any environment makes people have a feeling of being at home.

Mary van der Boon
managing director global tmc international, Netherlands:

„In summary, my feng shui was focused on good, positive sources. With success. What I did to make that happen? I was simply open.“


One can differ between good vibrations that support us and attract well-ness and bad energies that are to the contrary. A clear space is open to attract synchronicity destiny. We already know that the radiance of our thoughts and emotions influence our environment. Feng Shui offers techniques and applications to rebuild the external balance and smooth the path for inner balance.

Good vibrations:

CHI – rooms around you positively charged will grant you the freedom to go forth and realise your dreams without limitations:

  • personal welfare 
  • powerful places create possibilities
  • we feel comfortable
  • healthy relationships
  • attraction of synchronicity of the good
  • well-being and positive attitude

Bad vibrations:

CHA – zones suppress rather than stimulate. You will not be able to develop to your full potential. The results can be various. Regarding our environment the neuralgic spots we find:

  • sleep loss and lack of concentration
  • the sensation that your life is running on the spot
  • unconsciously we avoid our own space
  • lethargy or insomnia 
  • chronic problems
  • financial difficulties