Have a look at the aspects that my discovers for you by touching the screen.

My methods and work are unique and astonishing. My immediate reflection on the unseen energy or Chi and my intuition give a vivid view on your environment and is geared towards Western lifestyle.

The true art consists in integrating this traditional knowledge of Feng Shui into our modern culture, our architecture and our individual expression.


The special person room resonance is the center of the consultation. 

The client, his identity and his energy image forms the starting point to establish individual and supporting atmospheres. His needs and 

priorities are recognized and deeply respected. 

The consultant is able to regenerate charactaristics in the personal field and reestablish balance and harmomy. The consultation will provide you with very specific, individual results and opens room for changes.

Step 1

Initial contact, preparation as well as determination of costs.

Step 2

Visit of the object and start of the Feng Shui. 

Step 3

Delivery of your personal manual with analysis and recommendations.

The Chi Flow.

Space clarification and chi flow are mutually dependent.

The consultant is able to regenerate characteristics in the personal field and reestablish balance and harmony. The consultation will provide you with very specific, individual results and opens room for changes.

Holistic spaces

Just like the human body, rooms, buildings, and landscapes are infused with chi.

The knowledge of Feng Shui teaches us how to direct and cultivate these energies so that we can make the most of our living spaces or workplace. 

Joachim Deubel
CEO Style Factory, Australia:

„Since I met Durga Holzhauser in 2001, she advised me again and again. On the apartment in the old town of Monaco as well as on my 25 m sailing yacht. Especially during the long lasting sales negotiations of a furniture franchise her presence and advice were of great help. Her intuition is incredibly precise. Wherever I am, Durga’s Feng Shui advice is just an email or phone call away.“

Powerful Chi Flow.


Feng Shui harmonises and stimulates the senses.

Avoid negative, disruptive and blocking energies and experience the power of purified and directed energy.

Space chakras.

Colorful vibrating concentrations of the light create the aura of men and environments. We find them in every energetic space in the micro and macro cosmos.

I localize the space chakras and demonstrates to you how they complement your inner most nature and enhance your personal and common life.

Those very active vibrations can be enormously supportive to charge you with quality facets and brighten up your emotions and thoughts.

Nora Borud
Mougins, France

„I am still amazed at how much life has changed. It seems like good energies are flowing everywhere. Even my daughter’s moods have improved. Our house is quiet and peaceful, a natural place to be.“

creation power of elements.

The five elements have influence on the harmony of our body and our environment.  In an equal flow they nourish each other and manifest creative energy. A disturbance can cause an obvious disharmony linked with the qualities, they stand for.

Durga localizes the manifestation of the 5 elements in your environment and puts them in a context where your creative flow is strengthened or weakened. At the same time she shows you which element supports your individual expression and vitalizes our activities.

The Bagua.

Das Bagua – The architecture of consciousness.

The Bagua describes cosmic influences that support us to design and perform life themes.

Feng Shui can influence the energy in the respected area. Blocked energy signals a challenge in these themes. The Bagua accomplishes for example the balance between idea and realization, or heritage and new generations. Revived, the cosmic current supports your activities and developments.

The planets.

The horoscope of a building reflects its chances of development. Through the interpretation of the planets that influence a building, we can understand how they multiply chances of lucky “windows of opportunity” for personal welfare, family and business. We also are informed when it is positive to be carefully attentive. For example when you should not make big financial investments or start a new project. It is easier to achieve ideas when they coincide with your goal and auspicious influences are active.

Disturbed planet radiances touching your life or working space can show up as challenges or disturbance. This can be rectified through Feng Shui methods and in consequence the natural quality support of the planetary energies can participate actively in shaping future events.

Life situations.

business – achievement


arranging the divisions of your company in harmony with each other will help you complete your goals.

A business treated as a living organism allows strong interconnection and team work of the staff through to the clientele.

Today’s businesses and their corporate bodies are seeking more and more to get back to roots 

for mental transformation, for unity of the body the mind and the soul.


authentic values help create new ideals. sustainability, wisdom, simplicity are essential and meaningful.

Business Feng Shui is an opportunity to understand our visions and performance in an intelligent context, to gain our own authentic expression.

A building with stable and cleared energies provides focus to fully concentrate on our motivations and their development.

Enlightened companies are guiding stars. inspired visionaries lead great companies to a brighter future.


Business – Designing the future

The power of the unseen is still an undiscovered potential, a secret to be disclosed, to help us to reform our business missions.

Stepping outside the boundaries of clear “fact” is a chance to facon our own future.

Simplified examples may attract your attention:

  • your work in your office is inefficient and you cannot concentrate
  • inauspicious development of business
  • goals are difficult to concentrate on 
  • the team is not “gelling”
  • old influences of  former leaders or owners are difficult to overcome in order adapt to new visions
  • activities have poor  results –  an unseen block costs you more and more energy
  • business stagnation 
  • In a shop clients do not feel like staying and enjoying – what is the basis for that?
  • shopping mood
  • lack of new ideas

private – sanctuary


The first glimpse decides whether we commit to a space or not.

All humans search for harmony and well-being. 

Our environment is the main factor which determines whether we feel comfortable or not,

It is the number one ingredient for our experience of life. 

Where there is light there is life. Where there is life, we feel welcomed and at home.


first you enlighten your house – as a result it enlightens you.

In our life we are often confronted with situations to make new decisions, accept changes, or we are examined in our relationships.

The life situations that we are involved in, reflect frequently our life environments.


the art is to create room for change.

Private – Interior

Beyond our standard mindset we create a new spacious harmony  – our home.

Everything is possible. A cornucopia filled with welcoming energies, materials, sounds, colors and smells. 

Simplified examples may attract your attention:

  • you intend to build a new house
  • you want to move or change house
  • you intend to move together with your partner
  • there is rumour and inequity in your family
  • chronic sleep disturbance
  • you feel uncomfortable in your home or avoid certain places in your home
  • it is not really possible for you to relax and recuperate
  • you feel disturbed by electric smoke
  • you feel the traces of your previous owner still present
  • you have lack of motivation

Are you interested in a collaboration?

Please contact me.
Thank you very much.

Adrian Long
CEO Inter-Nett, Cote d’Azur, France

„The result of Durga’s work is a positive, harmonious atmosphere for any place, aligned and safe. An effective change that comes from yourself. Everyone has it, but Feng Shui helps you find it. Feng Shui helped me expand my business into the world.“